7 chakra bracelet with silver plated rings and lava beads
7 chakra bracelet with silver plated rings and lava beads

7 chakra bracelet with silver plated rings and lava beads

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While the chakra colors reflect different frequencies of light and energy associated with each energy center, their meaning may be related to the function of its associated chakras and general symbolism. When you see or use the following colors, you could make the following associations:

1.Purple Is the Color Of The CROWN CHAKRA: -
•The universal connection with spirituality consciousness
•Enhances intuition and psychic powers
•Aids in meditation and lucid dreaming
•Stabilizes emotions

2.Purple For Deep Indigo Blue Is The Color Of The THIRD EYE CHAKRA: -
•It evokes intuition, extrasensory perception inner wisdom
•Aids in meditation
•Increases awareness
•Blocks negative energies
•Encourages ease of expression
•Clears the mind

3.Blue Is The Color Of THROAT CHAKRA: -
•It symbolizes self-expression,
•Expression of truth, creative expression, communication
•Perfect form and patterns.
•Repairs spiritual injury, mental strife, and previous trauma
•Promotes communication, resolving hostilities and arguments
•Heightens wisdom
•Absorbs negative energies to protect the wearer

4.Green Is The Color Of The HEART CHAKRA: -
•It Is Connected With Love, Relating, Integration, Compassion.
•Purifies and strengthens the nervous system
•Encourages gratitude
•Soothes and quiets the mind
•Relieves fatigue and exhaustion

5.Yellow Is The Color Of The PLEXUS CHAKRA: -
• It Symbolizes Mental Activates, Intellect, personal power.
• Heightens courage
• Increases integrity
• Sharpens inner vision
• Stimulates metabolism

6.Orange Is The Color Of The SACRAL CHAKRA: -
•It Carries Meaning associated with emotions, creativity sexuality, water, flow.
•Increases recovery time
•Protects against negative energies
•Attracts love and loving energies
•Electrifies desire
•Draws out inner warmth

7.Red Is The Color Of The ROOT CHAKRA: -
•It Symbolizes safety, survival, grounding, nourishment from the Earth energy
•Cleanses aura
•Balances spiritual, physical and intellectual energy
•Balances Solar Plexus Chakra
•Stimulates positive energy to emotions
•Eases stress and anxiety

About Lava Beads: -
◘Lava is molten rock that has been extruded onto Earth's surface. The lava rock is not a man-made material, but one that forms naturally from real volcanoes. What gives the lava rock its popularity is the color it can be found in nature.

•Care Instructions: - Avoid overstretching a stretch bracelet, avoid bathing and swimming in jewelry

•The color in the photo may differ slightly on each computer screen. All stones are natural elements and will have slight variations in color and texture.

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